Ringlock Scaffolding ystem


The wall connector can be locked  to one or twovertical elements by means of coupler accordingto the project requirements for system stabilization.

Wall connector must be attached to Wall on every 2 m and  max. 30 cmdistance  must be applied  from the bottom of connection points.


Truss Beam-Vertical Item Connector provides continutiy of horizontal ledgers in places where truss beam used.

Truss Beam allows the system to be used in large openings and build a wide working area.Different dimensions (w) are available in 4,14 , 5,14 and 6,14 m50 cmw.


U-Horizontal Ledger ( Steel Platform-Steel Platform)

U-Horizontal Ledger is attached between two steel platforms as project requirements.

U-Horizontal Ledger ( Steel Platform-Reinfored Ledger)One side is attached to steel platform and other side is attached to ledger by safety wedge.


Wedge head connector makes ringlock system safe  during lifting by Crane.



Scaffolding Safety Gate is made ofbended square tubes ,steel mesh,steel sheet,couplers and springs. The spring ensures self-closing of the gate smoothly  which helps the safe access of scaffold.


Powder coating or electro galvanized gates are also available. Easy packing, high qual-ity, quick and easy assembly and competi-tive  prices. Original Equipment Manufac-turer (OEM) service is  available.

Cuplock System

Cuplock System



Stair towers can be simply erected using stand-art cuplock components together with specially designed staircase units which locate over the ledgers of tower to give a quick and easy ac-cess to any working level.

Staircase available şn three different sizes,4legs,8 legs and 10 legs. The choice will depend on the space,height and required capacity load.Cuplock staircase offers a stable,rigid structurewith some built in safety features.

Timber or steel board landing platforms.

Avoid the potential hazard from deck opening which normally used with ordinary steel ladders towers.

Stairways are rigid and provide a non-slip tread to ensure max. 

Alpifacade Access Scaffoldin

Alpifacade Access Scaffoldin Alpifacade Access Scaffolding is a access scaffolding system with simpltechnology with a convincing mix of perfected and detailed solutions: • uncomplicated insertion system for fast and effortless assembl, • just a few basic elements, • logical expansion possibilities and rapid extendability, • complete safety including during assembly. Alpifacade Access Scaffolding ystem is  a perfected and complete system for all building requirements. That means safety and speed in any application, at any site and in any conditions. The firmly wedged diagonalprovides the scaffolding withthe necessary safety thanks to dependable bracing: simply insert it at the top and fix it at the bottom using thewedge coupler. High adaptable frame and pin lockingsystem for any facade geometry.Simple and safe assembly... Alpine scaffolding  system ismatch for any kind of facade working such as covering. As it seen in image:Half frames 100 or 200 cm guardrails could be used as requirements.Alpifacade allows different a-plications with various materi-als in the same system.With just 6 basic elements and a few manual operations, this classic Alpine Frame will “speedily” provide a secure plat-form for all work.  

Piperack Scaffoldin

Piperack Scaffoldin

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