Climbing System Shaft Platform


The purpose of the shaft platform main beam is to build a platform in the elevator spaces. The platform ensures that employees are safe from falling. The workarea for the installation and disassembly of the wall formworks is established. It keeps the materials below the shafts and ensures the safety of employees below. The shaft platform & shaft form-work are quick and easy to reposition, in just one crane cycle.

Easy to mount as required handy, practical suspension-mounting on the structure, using gravity pawl with no ex-pendable anchoring components. 

Quick to reposition in just one crane cycle, reduced labor and crane times as the entire unit can be repositioned quickly and safely in one piece.

The climbiing formwork for inside shafts.Shaft platform permit qucik and easy repositioning in just one crane cycle. So this system cost-effectivesystem for forming in shafts.

  • Easy to operate and assemble system 
  • Formwork can be assembled quickly with no needfor a crane. 
  • It provides rapid repositioning of entire unit, reducing crane time. 
  • Provides maximum safety with either two types.


Step 1 –The core in the project is poured with theshaft platform formwork system. Selected formwork system is erected to pour first elevation where shaft system needed. (mostly elevator shaft’ elevations).According to shaft plat-form system that carry the formwork system, reservation box or anchore screw are left inside formwork before pouring to suspend  system for next elevation. 

Step 1 – Shaft platform beams are positioned with shaft platform heads (pawl head or anchore srew) and are lifted next levels upImportant note:

Before lifting: Remove any loose items from the formwork and platforms, or ensure them firml.   

Passenger transportation” is forbidden!   

Angle of inclination alfa: max. 30°


Placedthe main shaftbeams as designed on theworkarea.

Shaft Beam length and distance (x) is selected as project dimensions.

Assembling the platform decking, (boards are placed the cross-beams and screw or nail them to the cross-beams) (fasten a bracing plank to the underside of the cross-beams alongside (and parallel to) the shaft beam)

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