Column Formwork System

AlpiFlex 50

H20&Waler Formwork System

Alpine H20 & Waler formwork AlpiFlex50 is designed to be tailored to various types of tasks - so provides the ideal scope for adapting the shapes and sizes of the elements to suit your structure. The element size-grid and tie-hole pattern provide the adaptability needed to accommodate architectural demands. The AlpiFlex elements and exact connections make for a perfect joint pattern. You can choose whichever form-face material that best meets your requirements - e.g. for smooth fair-faced concrete, wood-textured surfaces, intensive re-use etc. A range of practical accessories makes work on the site a lot easier and prevents the need for costly in-situ improvisations.


For all shapes and loads;

Flexible panel widths according to the length of the steel walers.
Flexibility regarding the height of the panels, which is determined by the H20 girder length (standard lengths 2.45 m to 5.90 m; special lengths up to 12.00 m).
Tie positions can be adjusted according to project requirement.
Any architectural requirement.
Any formwork pressure.
Any type of form-facing.

Fast, efficient working

Thanks to optimized formwork solutions. Cost-efficient project implementation thanks to:

Flexible panel widths according to the length of the steel walers.
Individualized solutions.
High numbers of re-use cycles.
Short forming-times.
Elongated holes in the steel walers and panel couplings allow 100 % tension and compression-proof panel connections resulting in tight panel joints.
Large, optimized shifting unit.

AlpiMaX Formwork Panel

Cost-effective, thanks to high number of re-use cycles For crane-handling gang-forming of large areas

Reduced close-out costs thanks to superior product quality Highly economical, thanks to
• its high quality 13ply sheets.
• its rugged powder-coated steel frames.
• the fact that the film faced plywood sheets is easy to clean, recondition and replacement.
Swifter working due to the low form-tie count Wide spacing (up to 1.20 m) between form-ties means;
• shorter forming-times.
• lower labor costs.
Easy handling and planning thanks to logical system-grid
The 15 cm grid, with only 6 different widths of panel, results in
• optimum adaptability to every layout.
• compact gang-forms for short crane times
• easy planning and logistics
• a neat joint pattern
High safety for your site
The accident risk is reduced, and legally compliant working conditions are ensured, by
• combining the formwork with the working Platform bracket.