Slab Formwork System

Alpine HD 60 Shoring Tower

Shoring System:

Economical falsework solution with high load capacity, whenever heavy loads have to be carried and extra stability is a major requirement. Alpine HD 60 shoring system is easy to combine with all Alpine floor-systems.

System Advantages & Characteristics;

• Easy handling accelerates progress, efficient working and shorter time labor, as;

1- There is only a small number of lightweight parts.

2- The basic frames stack easily.

3- Assembly is easy, no tools required.

• High versatility, easy to adapt to various shoring tasks, as;

1- The 1.5 m wide frames offer perfect stability due to adjustable frame spacing which can be matched to any set of requirements.

2- Solid, galvanized steel frames can be adapted to any specified height, thanks to different frame sizes of; 1.10, 1.50 and 1.80 m.

3- Frame spacing with horizontal and diagonal crosses from 1.00 to 2.50 m in 25 cm grid, so the inter-frame spacing can be varied to provide the necessary load-bearing capacity.

Table Transfer Bracket

Table Transfer Bracket is used for carrying shoring tables or other construction materials with crane between the floors. System can be used for different floor heights by adjusting the spindles. Useable platform space is 360x350 cm. With handrail guard system, safety of the workers is obtained during operation. Table transfer bracket can be transported to other floors without disassembly and can be used until the end of construction.

Alpine Ringlock System

The modular scaffold system that leaves nothing to be desired…


In fact there is barely anything that cannot be scaffolded with Alpine RingLock quick and safe assembly is optained in all demanding areas of scaffolding: industrial construction, shipbuilding, and aircraft construction, offshore areas in petrochemistry, stage construction tanks, towers, ceilings or facades with complex structures. Thanks to its flexible junction between standard and ledger, RingLock adapts easily to any shape, ground plan or height. And not only a façade scaffold, it is also ideal for shoring spatial structures, grand stands, platforms, suspended scaffold, mobile towers and stair case towers.

Vertically adaptable in a 50 cm height grid.
Adaptable in terms of layout, by means of ‘Modul’ hole-plates (Ring) that each permit eight different
connecting directions in one plane Has Intermixing Approval permitting combinations with other manufacturers‘ scaffolds.
Standards, ledgers, diagonals and decking boards can be systematically selected to make possible various different scaffold heights, bay lengths and bay widths

Can quickly be readied for use

as it is so easy to handle

controlled erection workflow due to the pre-defined connection-points on the ‘Modul’ hole-plate.
boltless jointing technique using the wedge-locking principle.
rigid, force-transmitting joints with just one blow of the hammer

Alpine Cuplock System

Modular scaffold system that provides access scaffolding and formwork slab support suitable for use in a wide variety of applications from light, medium to heavy duty scaffolding and shoring for building and other civil engineering works. It can be used for both scaffolding and shoring systems. Minimum supervision is required since the system is rapidly erected and dismantled using the interlocking component which are rigidyl secured with two cups. Simply hammered with no need for spanners. Due to hte lightness of the system componets, all can be easily handled by one man, ledgers are non-load bearing and can therefone be assembled at hand rail height on external faces of independed scaffolding, thus offering the additional safety of handrails at all working levels at no extra cost. Working levels can be changed speedily and simply without disturbing the main structure of the scaffold. Cup-Lock verticals are manufactured from high quality tube of the same outside diameter as traditional scaffold tube to facilitate tying scaffold to the building.

Alpine Prop – Flex

The Fast Hand-Set Floor System

Defined positioning grid with full flexibility in floor-plan geometry... Used for quick erection of the formwork as the positioning points are clear. Enables rapid adaptation to walls and columns by simply telescoping the transverse and longitudinal beams.

Rapid progress and simple logistics... as there is only a small number of matched individual components

with easily distinguishable longitudinal (3.90 m) and cross beams (2.65 m).
with high-grade Alpine floor props with consecutively numbered pegging holes and low release forces.

Safety and economy... with high-quality, durable system components

high-grade polyurethane surround for first-class concrete surfaces and reduced investment costs.
non-slip surfaces for significantly enhanced safety at work.
the use of formwork beam Alpine H20.
Every requirement for fair-faced by free choice of formwork sheets (Plywood)