Alpifacade Access Scaffolding

Alpifacade Access Scaffolding is a access scaffolding system with simple technology with a convincing mix of perfected and detailed solutions:
• uncomplicated insertion system for fast and effortless assembly,
• just a few basic elements,
• logical expansion possibilities and rapid extendability,
• complete safety including during assembly.
Alpifacade Access Scaffolding System is a perfected and complete system for all building requirements.
That means safety and speed in any application, at any site and in any conditions.

The firmly wedged diagonal provides the scaffolding with the necessary safety thanks to dependable bracing: simply insert it at the top and fix it at the bottom using the wedge coupler.
High adaptable frame and pin lockingsystem for any facade geometry.Simple and safe assembly… Alpine scaffolding system is match for any kind of facade working such as covering.

As it seen in image:
Half frames 100 or 200 cm guardrails could be used as requirements.Alpifacade allows different applications
with various materials in the same system. With just 6 basic elements and a few manual operations, this classic Alpine Frame will “speedily” provide a secure platform for all work.

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