AlpiFlex 50 H20 – Waler Formwork System

Alpine H20 & Waler formwork AlpiFlex50 is designed to be tailored to many very diverse types of task – so it gives you ideal scope for adapting the shapes and sizes of the elements to suit your structure. The element size-grid and tie-hole pattern provide the adaptability needed to accommodate architectural demands. The Alpiflex elements and exact connections make for a perfect joint pattern. You can choose whichever form-face material best meets your requirements – e.g. for smooth fair-faced concrete, wood textured surfaces, intensive re-use etc. A range of practical accessories makes work on the site a lot easier and does away with the need for costly in-situ improvisations


For all shapes and loads;

  • Flexible panel widths according to the length of the steel walers.
  • Flexibility regarding the height of the panels which is determined by the H20 girder length (standard lengths 2.45 m to 5.90 m; special lengths up to 12.00 m).
  • Tie positions can be adjusted according to project requirement.
  • Any architectural requirement.
  • Any formwork pressure.
  • Any type of form-facing.

Fast, efficient working

  • Thanks to optimized formwork solutions.
  • Cost-efficient project implementation thanks to: Individualized solutions.
  • High numbers of re-use cycles. Short forming-times.
  • Elongated holes in the steel walers and panel couplings allow 100 % tension and compression-proof panel connections resulting in tight panel joints.
  • Large, optimized shifting unit.

Alpiflex 50 Wall Formwork

Typical Wall Formwork consists of 90 degree Inner and Outer Panels, Standart Straight Panels, Stop-End Panels, Steel Walers, Concreting Platforms, Push and Pull Props, Lifting, Brackets and Accessories.

Alpiflex Vertical Stacking

The vertical-stacking methods shown here are only suitable for:

  • lifting
  • setting down and
  • crane-handling the formwork.

Important note:

The vertical stacking joint must not be exposed to loads from concrete pressure or concrete weight. This means:

  • that the cantilever arms at the beam-joints must be as short and symmetrical as possible or that users must take all statically required measures (e.g. extra waling level).
    The H20 Extension Splice serves as a bolt-on longitudinal connector for Alpine beams, and is used for vertical stacking of formwork panels. The extension splice is bolted onto the beams through the pre-drilled holes at either end of the beam.

Inter-Panel Connection

The panels are linked and aligned horizontally using H20 waler coupler and wedge KZ.

  • fast joints between panels
  • only tool needed is a hammer

Obtused and Acute Angled Corners

Outside Corner

  • On outside corners are mainly connected using Universal corner angle tie.

Inside Corner

with Articulated Waler Coupler

  • Can be used on waler 1.00 m and longer
  • Makes it possible to set two steel walers at any angle (in a range between 61 °and 299 °)
  • Can be used over and over again

Alpiflex 50 Column Formwork

Alpine H20 beams, column waler UPN100 and plywood are main components for column formwork.

  • Permissible concrete pressure up to 90kN/m2
  • Column corner connecting plate must fix with column waler by 4 pieces M16x120 pin and pin cotter.
  • As well as on wall formwork, it is also possible to use scaffold bracket on column formwork.

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