AlpiMax Panel Formwork System

Cost-effective, thanks to high number of re-use cycles
For crane-handling gang-forming of large areas

AlpiMax is the framed formwork system that uses only a very few different panel formats to achieve a consistent 15 cm increment-grid, no matter whether the panels are stood upright or on their sides. All the connectors and accessories fit seamlessly into this grid – making for fast forming-times and high efficiency.

Reduced close-out costs thanks to superior product quality
Highly economical, thanks to;

  • Its high quality 13ply sheets,
  • Its rugged powder-coated steel frames.
  • The fact that the film faced plywood sheets is easy to clean, recondition and replacement.

Swifter working due to the low form-tie count.
Wide spacing (up to 1.20 m) between form-ties means;

  • Shorter forming times,
  • Lower labor cost

Easy handling and planning thanks to logical system-grid
The 15 cm grid, with only 6 different widths of panel, results in;

  • optimum adaptability to every layout.
  • compact gang-forms for short crane times
  • easy planning and logistics
  • a near joint pattern

High safety for your site
The accident risk is reduced, and legally compliant working conditions are ensured, by combining the formwork with the working platform bracket.


AlpiMax Panel in Detail

High Load Bearing Capacity
The AlpiMax panel consists of a plywood which covered 17 layers film. This material ensures high numbers of repeat uses, with perfect concrete results every time, and reduces to damage.

  • High quality concrete finish,
  • Less touching-up need,
  • Less cleaning work,
  • No breaking away of plywood chips, and less water is absorbed through nail-holes.
  • Because the panels are screwed on from the back, this leaves no screw trace on the concrete (only panels leave trace in the plastic stopper locations.)


Profile Section

  • Stable frame profiles,
  • Strong cross-profiles,
  • Powder coated, so easy to clean,
  • Edges are easy to clean, so panels always fasten
  • tightly,
  • Slot to fasten panels at any point required,
  • Edges of formwork sheet are protected by frame profile.
  • Pressure of fresh concrete is 80kN/m2.
  • Only for 270 cm panel heights with 17 cm miles, maximum concrete pressure is 60
  • KN/m2 , for 270 cm panel heights with 20 cm mile, maximum concrete pressure is 80 KN/m2



AlpiMax Panel Wall Formwork System

AlpiMax Panel Corner Types

T Junction

Stop End

Swivel Corners

Inner Corners

AlpiMax Panel Column Formwork System

Although AlpiMax is essentially a Wall formwork system, it is also a very flexible column
formwork system. Column formwork can be adjusted by 5 cm increments to max. 105cm.

  • By combining panels with heights 3.30-3.00-2.70-1.50-0.60m.
  • Permission concrete pressure is 90 KN/m2.
  • Large column sizes can be formed economically by combining two widths of panel.
  • Also, dimensions of 30-45-60-90cm can be formed by AlpiMax panel and AlpiMax outside
  • corner panels.

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