AlpiMini Panel Formwork System

AlpiMini Formwork system is ideal for quick, easy and cost-saving forming with or without a crane. It saves time and cuts labor costs with its easy erecting logic. AlpiMini has several advantages that makes it extremely cost-effective.


  • AlpiMini has easy to clean sheet.
  • Cost savings by means of low form tie ratio.
  • Light weight units, shorter forming times and minimum filler zone form tie ratio. Minimum filler zone form tie ratio.
  • AlpiMini panels has a wide-range flexibility, because they can be combined between 1.20 and 3.00 m. form tie ratio.
  • It can be used as wall, single sided, column and foundation formwork.

AlpiMini Panel in Detail

High Load-Bearing Capacity and Cost-Saving, Clean Concrete Surface AlpiMini has 18mm plywood thickness and this makes system reusable for many times.

Profile Section

AlpiMini Universal Panel - AlpiMini Panel

  • Stable frame profiles,
  • Strong cross-profiles,
  • Powder coated, so easy to clean,
  • Edges are easy to clean, so panels always fasten tightly
  • Slot to fasten panels at any point required,
  • Edges of formwork sheet are protected by frame profile.

AlpiMini Panel Wall Formwork System

AlpiMini Panel Corner Types

Swivel Corners

T Junction

Inner Corner



AlpiMini Panel Column Formwork System

It is easy to get column formwork with AlpiMini panels. Column formwork can be adjusted by 5 cm increments to max. 80 cm (Max 90 cm width) but with various combination of panels, required dimension could be erected.

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