Cuplock Facade Scaffolding System

1- Facade Function

Ledger Head

Cuplock System consists of horizontal and vertical components which is connected on node points.



Cuplock Scaffold System is widely used over the world due to its locking mechanism.

  • Fully galvanized and eassy maintenance
  • Serves various purposes and functions
  • Simplicity and saves money

Node Point

2- Staircase Function

Stair towers can be simply erected using standart cuplock components together with specially designed staircase units which locate over the ledgers of tower to give a quick and easy Access to any working level.

Staircase available in three different sizes,4 legs,8 legs and 10 legs. The choice will depend on the space,height and required capacity load. Cuplock staircase offers a stable,rigid structure with some built in safety features. Timber or steel board landing platforms. Avoid the potential hazard from deck opening which normally used with ordinary steel ladders towers. Stairways are rigid and provide a non-slip tread to ensure max.

3-Event Systems

Seating stands are one the cuplock system applications. System gets its elevations with connection of horizontal and vertical items at each node points. Special stairs can be produced as requirements and also diagonal braces are used for system rigiditiy.

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