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Scaffolding Systems

Scaffolding is a temporary structure, stage or elevated platform that serves to support the original structure as well as workmen used it as a platform to carry on the construction work. Types of scaffolding varies with the types of constrution work. Alpine Formwork and Scaffolding Systems’ Company is qualified to meet every construction need. Our all types of scaffolding materials are made of S235 (st.37). Some of Alpine Scaffolding Systems Types ;

  • Facade Scaffolding
  • Stair Tower Scaffolding
  • Mobile Scaffolding
  • Suspended Scaffolding for Industrial Plants
  • Event System

Facade Scaffolding Systems are needed for any kind of facade workings like painting, insulation, repair etc. Our Ringlock System, Cuplock System, AlpiFacade System and Modular Systems are mostly preferred to meet these facade works.

Stair Tower Systems makes circulation easier at construction sites where it is not possible without it and moslty used next to floor slab to transfer labours easier. Ringlock System, Cuplock System, Modular System and HD 60 System are moslty used to get Stair Towers.

Mobile Scaffolding Systems provides portable working platforms that can easily be moved to the location that needs work. Mobile scaffolds sit on castors to allow workers to perform tasks that require frequent change in position.

Suspended Scaffolding Systems are mostly designed by steel trusses and coupler and connected to steel beams in contruction sites to meet industrial plant projects’ needs. These systems are always integrated to Stair Tower Systems to provide circulations between elevations.  

Event Systems which is needed for special events consists of multiple stages to host crowd. Apine also offers special products such as the Open Air Protection roof, which is a safe working system in severe weather conditions.

Alpine’s primary understanding for its every offer is occupational health and safety. All items from bottom to top is produced as European Norms and Standart and tested in labrotory. We are as close to you as a phone call in solving your project requirements. The meeting you will make with our engineers will enable us to provide you with the most ideal type of scaffolding for you.

Formwork Systems

Formwork is temporary or permanent molds into which concrete or similar materials are poured and mostly used to cast and construct the main parts of a building which are required to be strong and support the structure such as floors and walls, as well as smaller parts of a building such as stairs relatively quickly. Timber, painted or galvanized steel, plywood and aluminum are main materials of a formwork system. Countries use formwork types based on their construction culture and economic parameters. Alpine has all kinds of formwork system as different needs to meet all requirements based on different parameters. All these systems have required design parameters like strength, stiffness, durability, accuracy etc.

Constructions need formwork for wall, column, slab, stair and beam. Alpine provides every kind of design solution to cast different part of building.
We can classify formwork system into 2 subheadings as Wall/Column Formwork and Slab Formwork.

  • Wall/Column Formwork System basically consists of plywood faced timber or steel panels to get an even surface, steel walers to meet force, push and pull props to balance system, accessories as couplers, bolts and nuts to connect items together and working platform to cast concrete and stand on.
  • Slab Formwork basically consists of plywood faced surface which is placed on squared timber or H20 beams, adjustable base and head jacks, steel scaffolding types (HD 60 Shoring System, Ringlock System, Cuplock System and Prop Flex System.)

Safety Equipments System

The projects must be supported by the specified systems (Temporary Edge Protection System and Safety Net System) against any construction accidents as compulsory norms and standards. The most important thing at a construction site is workers’ health and safety and falling accidents both labor or any item are the most lived types among these accidents. Alpine provides 2 types of system for customers to protect labors against these accidents.

Climbing System

Climbing System mainly consists of 2 parts;
First part is steel profile hanger system sits on climbing cone which leaves inside concrete after pouring. (climbing system and shaft platform system)
Second part is the chosen formwork system that sits on platform formed by combining steel profiles.
These 2 parts form Climbing Systems (CB 150 System and Shaft Platform System) and mostly used for;

  • Bridge pylons
  • Airport Control Towers
  • Elevator Shafts and Core Walls
  • Viaducts
  • High Rise Buildings

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