HD60 Shoring Towers System, Table Deck System and Shifting

HD 60 Shoring & Tower System is the assembly of supporting frames in formwork construction. The System consists of welded painted or galvanized tubular steel 110,150 and 180 frames, adjustable base and head jacks, frames connector, pin and detent pin.

Table Deck System

HD 60 Table system consists of plywood, secondary beam (H20 or Squared timber) and primary beam (Single H20, Double H20 or Steel Waler). The plywood is connected to the secondary beams by screws and secondary beams are placed and connected to the main beam by H20/H20 connection. The main girder is mounted to the head with H20 fixing plate. That means Table Deck system is ready to transfer any desired pat of site via Crane and Table Transfer Wheel.

Connection Details

Table Transfer Bracket

After table system is moved by table transfer wheel, it is placed on table transfer bracket to lift by crane to upper elevations.

Table Lifting Fork

HD 60 Tower System

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