Ringlock Facade Scaffolding System

Ringlock Scaffolding System is one of the most used scaffolding system in the world and has safe, quick and easy connection. It allows different angular combinations with its multifunctional locking procedure. This system is convinient with its high level adaptibility. 10mm thickness flanges are welded every 50 cm to different height tubes and that makes easy connection in a single point for ledgers and diagonal braces and increase system stabilization. Ringlock Scaffolding mostly used for facade, stair tower and event systems functions.

Easy Connection

Turn down ledgers before assembly to activate wedge

Insert wedge in hole on ringlock plate and now ledgers are safe and are secured against dislocation.

Hammer strikes on wedge converts temporary connection to fixed connection.


Ledgers, Reinforced Ledger and Truss Ledgers are used as project dimensions.

Stair Tower Function

Circular Ringlock System

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