Safety Equipments – Safety Net

Alpine Safety Net has an unique ability to adapt to various building shapes and facade, as well as standing aganist high wind loading, especially in high-risestructures. This product has been developed a result of a comprehensive study of the problems associated with the falling of objects and workers as well as risks of falling objects for the workers or members on public below, during the construction towers. The Alpine safety net handle these risks on sites by absorbing the energy of the fall and containing the falling object or worker within the net. It is necessary that Alpine Safety Net are installed by trained person. Alpine offers on-site product training to ensure safe and correct use of products.

All Alpine Safety Net components must be inspected by a competent person prior to re-use. A record inspection of the annual testing of Safety Nets must be kept by the customer. Following the fall of an object or person in the Safety Net, the unit must be inspected by a competent person prior to re-use.

All items are manufactured according to EN 1263-1 norms. The system always are tested on site before using.

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